Sunday, February 19, 2012

Recipes: Super Simple 60 calorie Cappuccino

When I was working outside of the home, I had a very bad habit of going to Starbucks every morning for coffee! That adds up! That's $87.00/month and 4,200 unnecessary calories! (Assuming you get a drink which is 210 calories, which most average out to that.)

Out of sheer panic this morning, I discovered how to make a lovely little cappuccino! I MUST have my coffee every morning, but I just cant drink it black. I usually add a splash of milk, and that is all I need. This particular morning; however, we were out of milk. See, I live with a 2 foot, 7 inch milkaholic. She knows to point and the fridge and lay on the floor if I don't get there soon enough for her liking! It's funny how I've seen other people's kids do this before I was a parent and thought "How OBNOXIOUS!" Of course, with my own, it's absolutely adorable. Not that I'd ever let her know I think her milk tantrums are cute!

During this morning's milk shortage, the only creamy thing I could possibly substitute was nonfat whipped cream. You know, the kind from the can. At 15 calories for two tablespoons, I decided just to fill up the cup. I use a pretty small cup, so I think I probably ended up with about 4 servings in there. That adds up to about 60 calories. I can handle that for my morning coffee! I put the whipped cream in the cup first, and just poured the coffee on top. Stir it up, and you have a very tasty, super simple cappuccino!

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