Friday, February 03, 2012

DIY Magic for Dry Hair

Pinterest....if you haven't joined you, let me tell you my friend, you are missing out!! It is like an addiction, that is simply out of control. I just don't remember what life was like before I had all of these fantastic ideas!

You may remember me mentioning at different times that I frequently dye my hair. Frequently is an understatement. For the last seven or so years, I've been nothing short of a chameleon. My hair is naturally a dirty blonde/brownish color (I think...), and I started highlighting it to an almost platinum blonde. Well, I would go dark brown for a few weeks, love it until it started to fade, and then think "I'm just meant to be blonde", go spend hundreds of dollars to get back to that color. (It is NOT cheap OR easy going from dark brown to blonde the right way) and by the time my roots grew out, I'd be back to brown again. This horrendous cycle has left my hair in a condition that a scarecrow would not envy. I've been searching Pinterest for a cheap, somewhat easy way to bring life back to your hair. Well, I've found it. OIL.

Now I know why countries fight over this stuff. Oh wait, that's a different kind of oil. I read that jojoba is the best, but that is expensive! So, I settled for flaxseed. My cousin the hairdresser told me not to get any kind that has protein in it! Flaxseed does not. So, I took about half the bottle and completely soaked my hair (completely dry), concentrating on the tips. I wrapped saran wrap around my head and wrapped a towel around that. I let it sit on there for about two hours.  When I took the towel off, my hair was like silk. Seriously, even before I washed it out. I used a fragrance free, dye free shampoo to get it out and didn't even need conditioner. It's been a few days since I did this because I wanted to wait to see if my hair would go back to normal after a couple of washes. It's been four days and three washes, and I still have Kardashian hair. I plan to do this once a week now!

Not one of my finest pictures, but you get the point.

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