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My name is Lacey. As you may have already guessed, I am a Mom in Austin, Texas. Yes, I am a Native Texan and quite proud of it! I'm originally from deep East Texas, but was really raised in Dallas. I just recently moved to the Austin area, and I am really finding out what it means to be an "Austin-ite". This town is one of the greatest places in the nation to live for a reason. I'm in love with this city for many reasons, but the sense of community I've already seen in action is incomparable. People are just people here. From the homeless person wandering 6th street to the state legislator, everyone loves and respects this city and wants to see it thrive. Keep Austin Weird? Okay, sure...I say Keep Austin Awesome.
          I have a wonderful, amazing, brilliantly stupendous baby girl. I'm not biased or anything, that's just how she is. I guess we all feel that way about our little ones! I have many interests, probably too many. Some people have accused me of being talented, but I wouldn't go that far. I am really more scatterbrained than anything else. I'm great at starting projects! It's finishing them that's the hard part. In my new ventures as a stay at home mom, I've found myself working more than I ever did from 8-5 on the clock! I'm first and foremost, a Mommy and a Wife. I'm also a blogger, a full-time student working my way towards med school, and I run a successful Marketing/PR business. (Mom, wife, student, and business owner all take precedent over blogger....sorry! I blog when I can!) 

          Austintxmom.com is a forum for Moms all around the world, not just in Austin to talk about all the fun things we like to do. I like to cook, craft, design, talk about where I go around town, things to do with the kiddos and more! Your comments are always welcome, good and bad. Please feel free to join in the conversation anytime. (That also makes me feel like I'm not just talking to myself! haha) You will find that I am a REAL mom. I'm not "SuperMom", nor to I pretend to be. I try like hell to stay active and stay in shape...but you won't see me waking up at 5am to run 12 miles. At least not yet! You won't see me spending my days crafting away and trying to live up to all my friends on Pinterest. I don't make my kids clothes, I don't only feed my family bean curd and organic materials...and I love Braum's hamburgers and frozen yogurt. (And YES, I'm simply beside myself that Austin does not have a Braum's!!!) Probably a good thing, though! 

Also, if you have a need for any of the above services, check out my other websites:

www.truegritmarketing.net (For Marketing Consulting/Web Design specialized in Small Businesses)

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