Monday, February 06, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Frame

I love football...I really do. That being said, I'm a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, and there's really no changing that. The New York Giants and the New England Patriots are probably two of my least favorite teams. If it weren't for the commercials, I'm pretty sure I'd be watching E!

Anyway, during the "football breaks" from the commercials, I decided to work on some craft projects I've been meaning to start. I have a new obsession...chalkboard paint. This stuff ROCKS. I took an old black picture frame, and painted the glass part with chalkboard paint. While letting it dry, I thought to myself, "Self...this needs something else." I went to my craft drawer and found a silver ink pad. I used it to rub along the edges of the frame for a shiny, yet distressed look. Then, I thought to myself again, "Self...this needs some bling." Back to the craft drawer, I searched and I searched, and found nothing suitable. THEN, I peered from the corner of my eye a strand of a broken necklace I'd decided to save for just such an occasion. I wasn't really sure how to incorporate it, so I just glued it into a little circle. Turned out pretty cute if you ask me!

I added this little frame to a cute little iron scroll stand, and now I have the perfect What's For Dinner Tonight board!

1 comment:

  1. Cute! I just had a necklace break and it would look cute on a picture frame.


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