Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY: Distressed Accent Table

I'm truly, madly, and ever so deeply in love with my accent table. It was a table I really didn't like before. I felt that no matter where I put it, it was constantly out of place. It was some sort of very red cherry finish that didn't really match a thing we own.  I really researched how to distress furniture before taking on this project....and let me tell you  IT WAS SO SIMPLE. I'm absolutely thrilled with the way this table turned out! I didn't even have to sand it prior to painting it!

1) Make sure your furniture is completely clean. Don't use anything like Pledge or Old English that will leave a residue. If anything, use Murphy's Oil Soap.

2) You could really use any colors, but for this piece I used black with a turquoise on top. I spray painted the table first. Yes, I used cheap $.96 spray paint from Walmart. It REALLY doesn't matter for the bottom layer. It just needs to be coated well.

3) Take a soft brush and paint your top color once the under layer has dried. I only did one thick coat, because I really liked being able to see some brush strokes. Let dry at least overnight.

4) I took 150 fine grit sandpaper and went to work. It really didn't take much elbow grease at all. I focused on the corners, and the edges of the wood. It's absolutely mind-blowing how simple this is!

5) Then I replaced the drawer pull with something that would go a little better with the new look of the table.

I'm so proud of this one!! :)

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  1. Most of these pieces are knockoffs of this genius's work.I love the design of these furnitures very modern.


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