Saturday, January 14, 2012

6 Weeks of Dinner in One Day's never been my strong suit. In fact, that's an understatement. I'm generally really, really terrible about sticking to a budget. However, now, as a Mommy and in a one income family, suddenly it really behooves me to start sticking to one. That being said, a whole new world of DIY has opened up to me. For instance, this month I have several projects planned. I am making my daughter's name with these super cute letters and fabric background in frames from Goodwill (it will all make sense when I'm done.). I also plan to make curtains for the gobs of windows in our living room. The curtain part I know I can do on the sewing machine. It's the grommets on the top that are worrying me. Although, according to YouTube, that's the easy part. Today, I'm going to go grocery shopping....and let me tell you, I have PLANS!

My goal is to buy, make and freeze dinners for about 6 weeks for under $100. I've seen a lot of other moms blog about doing 4-5 months for $100, but I'm just not there yet. This will be my first time, and here is what I have planned.

(Each bag will be a quart size freezer bag with enough servings for our family of 3.)

6 bags of crockpot shredded chicken.
6 bags of ground meat (3 will be seasoned with taco seasoning)
4 bags of spaghetti sauce

3 meatloaf (my husband REALLY loves meatloaf)
3 bags of pork carnitas

2 bags of San Francisco pork chops
4 bags of Chicken and Dumplings
4 bags of Chicken Tortilla Soup
4 bags of hamburger patties
4 bags of teriyaki chicken

4 bags of garlic bread

We will see how this goes!! Wish me luck!

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