Monday, October 03, 2011

It's Time to Take Control...

Do you ever see a random picture of yourself and think "Who is that fat person?"...."Oh crap, it's me." Well, I've been doing so-so on the recent clean eating adventure. In fact, I could be doing a lot better. I seem to get through each day okay, and then come home and I'm too tired to make anything, or I eat way too much of the somewhat healthy meal that did manage to make it on the table. Not anymore...this is my life and the only person who's going to make that difference is me. 9 months ago, the most amazing thing happened. I had a beautiful, wonderful, amazing, perfect little girl who brings the greatest joy I can describe into my life on a daily basis. However, in making this perfect little being, I seemed to gain nearly 40 pounds. 24 came off the day after she was born, but those last 16 are still there! Not to mention, 12 more of their annoying little friends!! Everyone of them is in the wrong place, too. They all seem to gravitate south, or to the lovely underarm area I refer to as the "Cafeteria-lady zone".

Today I set my goals. There was a time before I got married and had my daughter that I was much heavier, than I even am now. I lost 60 pounds through Weight Watchers, and amazing support I had at the time. My Mom and I were doing it together, and everyone I worked with was on the same plan as well. I've got it in me to accomplish this! From now on, this blog is my weight loss journey. My goal is to lose 50 pounds. I will blog through this journey at least three times a week. I will add diet tips, recipes, success stories of friends, and in a few months my own success story. I will let you know how Day 1 goes tomorrow!

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