Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Dilemma

Well, obviously my super idea about blogging every single day through my diet journey did not work. Except for that one day!

My diet is great, Monday-Friday. I pack my lunch and 2 snacks every day, and usually have oatmeal with flax seeds for breakfast with a fruit and a splash of soymilk. Dinner usually works out pretty well. The main thing I really try to focus on at dinner is portion control.

My real problem is getting through the weekends! Currently my husband and I live in two different cities. He's already moved down there to start a new job, and I am still at home getting ready for the move. He comes up every weekend, or I go down there occasionally. It's like a vacation every weekend for one of us! We totally treat it that way, too! Especially when it comes to food!

For instance, yesterday, we went out to eat for lunch and dinner. I had chicken alfredo for lunch with a cesar salad, and for dinner I had a New York dog from Sonic! UGH!! Complete and total fail. I need serious motivation to get through this calorie-laden weekends. Any suggestions?

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