Sunday, July 01, 2012

Summer Vacations

Wow! I'm a horrible blogger! Since this semester started I have barely blogged at all. So sorry!

I just finished my psychology class, and now I am focused on vacations. I need one! My family and I went to Corpus Christi a few months ago, and now we are already dreaming of going back. Our budget limits us from going anywhere one might normally think of to vacation. The Texas coast is often overlooked, because there is a generalization that Texas beaches are all brown and dirty. That's hardly the case. Though I haven't spent much time on any coast, I found North Padre Island to be a beautiful beach, and a wonderful family destination. We have decided to try to go back at the end of the summer, and have set our sights on Rockport or Port Aransas. My hubby and I both firmly believe that no matter what the circumstances, we need to try to go on at least one family vacation per year, even if it isn't very far away! We are only a short three hours away from the coast here in Austin! Such a change from living in Dallas, where it would have been at least a six hour drive. Has anyone else had a good experience on the Texas coast? What other beaches would you recommend?

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