Thursday, July 05, 2012

Little Red Wagon in Round Rock: Save Your Money.

I really hate to write a bad review about any restaurant, especially one that is a locally owned business. We've been to Little Red Wagon Hamburgers in Round Rock now on THREE separate occasions, and it has been horrible each time. I am a huge fan of hole in the wall joints, and they usually don't disappoint. My husband and I heard rave reviews about Little Red Wagon after we moved here, so we really tried to give it a fighting chance. The atmosphere is okay. It's a small building, and you might be able to fit forty people in there on a good day. It's very dated, but for a hole in the wall, the decor is usually eclectic. I wouldn't call it dirty, but I wouldn't call it clean either.

The two girls working the front have been the same each time we go in. They are both so rude and act like it pains them to take your order. God forbid you ask for a refill, which they actually charge you for. I can understand doing that if they are serving cans, but these are just fountain drinks. It costs them a fraction of a penny to fill up your cup. The cups cost more than anything else, and they charge almost $2 for that!

On our first visit, we both got hamburgers. We were both underwhelmed, but thought maybe they were just having a bad night. It tasted like the hamburgers they used to make in the school cafeteria. The next time we went, I got tacos. Again, school cafeteria...and the cheese was that shredded velveeta crap. Whoever thought that belonged on a taco was misinformed. On our most recent visit, I decided on the Baja Fish tacos. I'm not really sure what possessed me to order these. I should know better. The fish was so gross. It didn't look or taste anything like any fish I've ever had. I kid you not, there was at least 1/2 cup of the most horrible tartar sauce known to man doused all over that thing. Even the rice on the side was disgusting. How do you mess up rice? They managed to. It was actually greasy. I ate half of a taco, and I couldn't even eat the rest. It was so gross!

Okay, sorry to rant. Save your money!!

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