Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dallas Tornadoes

As you've no doubt heard by now, Dallas was slammed by at least 15 tornadoes yesterday. Lancaster was hit hard, Hutchins, Arlington, and Forney. There is major damage reported all over the metroplex. Even though I may live in Austin now, Dallas is still my home. I grew up in Mesquite, my parents, my grandmother, and most of my family and friends still live there. I'm a weather buff, but yesterday I was reminded of the sheer force and destruction these storms can create. Miraculously, no one was killed and only minor injuries have been reported. God was truly watching over DFW yesterday. I'm not here to preach, but you can't tell me that prayers don't work. I know many were being said and were answered yesterday.

The tornado in Forney has hit particularly close to home. Literally, Forney is just outside of the town I grew up in, and several friends have moved out there. One of my lifelong best friend's home was literally down the street from one of the areas hit the worst. In the Diamond Creek subdivision, somewhere between 20 and 30 homes were completely destroyed. 73 homes total just in Forney were hit by two different tornadoes. Some of the  pictures I've included are not pictures from the media, but pictures that my friends have shared on Facebook, from their personal experiences. All are images of the tornado that pummeled Forney.

 I want to share the story and the video of a family friend that lost her home. This girl is a dear friend of my cousin, and her mother was at her home watching her 18 month old son, and two of her other grandchildren when the tornado hit. They hid in the middle bathroom, and her mother literally held the feet of her 18 month old son as the tornado tried to pull him out of her arms. Thank GOD literally, that He was there with them to keep this boy and the others with their family. I've posted the video below from, as they spoke to her mother. They do an aerial view of their home in the later part of the video, and you can see the only thing standing is the bathtub they were in. If that's not direct evidence of God's protection, I just don't know what is. You can also hear Lindsey (whose 18 month old son was home) speak about her reaction to coming home yesterday.


When something like this happens, I usually send my $10 dollars into the red cross, sometimes I'll even send clothes. Now it's my family and my friends. My immediate family was spared from any damage, but several families no longer have a home. They no longer have clothes for themselves or their children. Their children no longer have toys. I talked to my cousin this morning and she said this family was only able to recover enough from there home to fill one black trash bag. Can you imagine going from everything you have today, to having only enough to fit into a trash bag for you and your entire family? Yes, I am sure most of us have insurance, but what would you do in the meantime? To wake up one morning, and have no material possessions? Thankfully, they still have the most important items, each other.

There are other families in DFW that need help as well. I'm asking anyone that has any extra clothes(XL mens' and womens' clothes, baby clothes (2T-3T), baby toys, toiletries, clothes for their teenage son, ANYTHING to help this family out. I'm not asking for money, but for much needed items, and even gift cards to places like Walmart, or to restaurants so this family can forget about everything and enjoy a meal together.

 Please email me directly at if you have anything you can spare for this family.

I'm going to be collecting donations specifically for this family over the coming week, but I'm also going to post information below about how to help in other ways, and other families. 

You can donate directly to the red cross by texting "REDCROSS" to 90999. It will automatically make a $10 donation that will be posted to your phone bill.

You can also donate through Community Life Church in Forney. Their information is posted below:

mail: po box 3209
building: 204 fm 1641
forney, tx 75126
© 2012 community life church

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