Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Pinspiration! Living Room Mantel Redesign

I'm an avid Pinterest fan...okay, that's an understatement. This is how I really feel about Pinterest.

....or endless hours of college football.

I digress.  Since taking down all of the Christmas decorations, I've just felt like my living room mantel looked....well, naked. Perhaps I feel that way because I'd gotten used to the grandiose of Christmas decorations sprayed all over the room, but it just felt like something was lacking. Unfortunately, I 'm terrible about taking before pictures...but picture an empty mantel with a black mirror on it. That was it! You're not missing much.

I came upon this little ditty on Pinterest, and I thought...now THERE is something I can recreate! Here is the original pin from camilleroskelly.com.

I had everything. I changed a few things here and there...but here is my finished product! What do you think?

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